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Talks [presentation]
Interannual and decadal variations of ice shelves using multi-mission satellite radar altimetry, and links with oceanic and atmospheric forcings

Geophysical Data Analysis [research]
Large-scale data processing, statistical modeling and time series analysis applied to Earth observations.

Journals [publication]
F. S. Paolo, H. A. Fricker, L. Padman, Developing optimal decadal records of Antarctic ice-shelf height change from multiple satellite radar altimet..

Satellite Altimetry and Ice Shelf Change [research]
Multi-mission satellite altimetry to investigate long-term trends and variability in Antarctic ice-shelf thickness.

Articles [publication]
L. Padman, F. S. Paolo, H. A. Fricker, Shrinking of Antarctic ice shelves is accelerating, The Conversation (2015). web(https://theconversation.com/..

Message to Future Generations [thinking ]
What would you think it's worth telling future generations about the life you've lived and the lessons you've learned from it?