Many of the stories include exclusive interviews given

Outside comment on Nature Geoscience papper

EOS/AGU – Warm water is rapidly eroding Antarctica’s Ross Ice Shelf

Outside comment on PNAS paper

Neewsweek – Sea levels are surging at faster and faster rates as Antarctica and Greenland melt, satellite data reveals

Our Nature Geoscience paper in the news


BBC News – El Nino’s long reach to Antarctic ice

Carbon Brief – El Niño causes West Antarctica’s ice shelves to gain height yet lose mass

Scripps News (official press release) – New Study Reveals Strong El Niño Events Cause Large Changes in Antarctic Ice Shelves

Newsweek – Antarctica is melting from below – and it’s getting worse

Earther – Future El Niños Could Spell Trouble For the West Antarctic Ice Sheet

E&E News – More snow makes icy pole look bigger. But it’s shrinking

EurekAlert – New study reveals strong El Niño events cause large changes in Antarctic ice shelves

DailyMail – El Niño is causing the Antarctic ice shelf to melt up to ten inches every year, according to 23-year Nasa study – New study reveals strong El Nino events cause large changes in Antarctic ice shelves

EuropaPress – Fuertes eventos de El Niño alteran plataformas de hielo en la Antártida

Environmental Research Web – New study reveals strong El Niño events cause large changes in Antarctic ice shelves

International Business Times – Antarctic Ice Shelves Affected Greatly By Strong El Niño, Study Finds

Revista Pesquisa FAPESP – El Niño e o derretimento silencioso da Antártida [El Niño and the silent melting of Antarctica] - [pdf]

Outside comment on Science Advances paper

ScienceNews – Wind may be driving the melting of East Antarctica’s largest glacier

Article on the Larsen C giant iceberg

Veja Magazine – Por que é preciso falar sobre o iceberg gigante da Antártida? [Why is it necesary to talk about the gian Antarctic iceberg?]


Ciencia Hoje [Today’s Science] – Antartica: O que pode acontecer se o gelo derreter? [Antarctica: What could happen if the ice melts?]

Appearance in a commercial for Scripps Oceanography

Our The Cryosphere paper in the news

The Washington Post – This ice shelf is nearly the size of Scotland - and it could be at ‘imminent risk’

The Guardian – Thinning Antarctic ice shelf could contribute to sea level rise, says study

British Antarctic Survey – New study shows Antarctic ice shelf is thinning from above and below

Climate Central – The ABCs of Antarctic Ice Shelf Melting

YAHOO News – Breakup fears for massive Antarctic ice shelf: study

Carbon Brief – Antarctic Larsen-C ice shelf at risk of collapse, study warns

EuroNews – Melting of Larsen C ice shelf in Antarctic may raise sea levels

LiveScience – Antarctica’s Ice Attacked from Above and Below

CBS News – Antarctica is melting from above and below

Motherboard – A Massive Antarctic Ice Shelf Is Thinning From Two Sides and Now We Know Why

International Business Times – Antarctica: Largest ice shelf melting fast from above and below

BBC Weather – Antarctic ice thinning from above and below

Mashable – Scientists find large Antarctic ice shelves closer to collapse than they thought

Scientific American – Massive Antarctic Ice Shelf Faces Imminent Risk of Collapse

Massive press coverage of our Science paper


Science/AAAS News – Antarctica is rapidly losing its edge

The Wall Street Journal – Antarctic Ice Shelves Are Shrinking, Study Says

BBC News – Antarctic ice shelf thinning speeds up

Reuters – Study shows acceleration in decline of Antarctic ice shelves

Climate Central – Antarctica’s Icy ‘Doorstops’ Thin; Rising Seas At Risk

The Washington Post – Antarctica’s floating ice shelves, the doorstop of the continent, are melting away

Los Angeles Times – Antarctic ice shelves melting 70% faster, study shows

The Guardian – Antarctic ice shelves are melting dramatically, study finds

Scripps News (official press release) – Antarctic Ice Shelves Rapidly Thinning

Carbon Brief – Antarctic ice shelf thinning is accelerating, reveals new study

New Scientist – Major Antarctic ice survey reveals dramatic melting

Inside Climate News – Antarctica’s Melting Edges Bad News for Sea Level Rise

The Verge – Antarctica’s ice melt has been accelerating in the last two decades

Scientific American – Antarctica’s Ice Shelves Thin, Threaten Significant Sea Level Rise

NPR – Big Shelves Of Antarctic Ice Melting Faster Than Scientists Thought

KQED – Big Shelves Of Antarctic Ice Melting Faster Than Scientists Thought

Mashable – West Antarctic ice losses have surged by 70% in the last decade

The Christian Science Monitor – Antarctic ice shelf melt accelerating, study finds

Live Science – Antarctica’s Ice Shelves Are Thinning Fast

Grist – Antarctica is basically liquefying

The Weather Channel – Antarctic Ice Thinning Faster Than We Thought, New Research Shows

YAHOO News – Antarctic ice shelf loss ‘quicker’

The Conversation – Shrinking of Antarctic ice shelves is accelerating

Radio New Zealand – Tim Naish: Antarctic ice shelves

Accu Weather – Antarctica’s Ice Shelves Experiencing Accelerated Losses

TIME – The Antarctic’s Floating Ice Shelves Are Melting At an Alarming Rate

The Science Times – Antarctica’s Ice Shelves Melting Faster Than Originally Thought

NBC – Antarctica Ice Shelves Melting at Faster Pace: Study

ST Gist – Antarctica Responding To Climate Change, New Study Revealed

Pioneer News – Antarctica ice shelves thinning rapidly due to record warmth

R&D – Antarctic ice shelves rapidly thinning

Nature World News – Antarctic Ice Shelves Are Melting Faster Than Ever Before… Again

Climate News Network – Shrinking of ice shelves raises sea level concerns

International Business Times – Some of Antarctica’s thinning floating ice shelves ‘will be gone in 100 years’

Climate Wire E&E – Scientists report rapid Antarctic melting, predict ice shelves could be gone ‘within 100 years’

Science News – Antarctic ice shelves rapidly melting

La Presse – Antarctica: the thickness of the surrounding ice significantly reduced

Nature – Ice shelves shrink fast in Antarctica

CBS News – Antarctic ice shelf thinning “rapidly” in last decade

VICE News – It Was Warmer in Antarctica Than in New York City Last Week - and That’s Not Even the Bad News

Liberation – Climate: The Earth loses its freezer

San Diego Supercomputer Center – SDSC Supercomputers Assist in Scripps’ Thinning Antarctic Ice Study

Revista Pesquisa FAPESP – Mais finas e quebradicas [Thinner and brittle] - [pdf]