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On the role of natural climate variability

RealClimate – “Finally, Paolo et al. (2018) showed that the influence of El Niño events on West Antarctic glaciers could be measured by satellite observations: El Niño events tend to be correlated with both increased melting from below, and increased snowfall above, and the variations in the altitude of the ice sheet surface (varying by a few tens of cm) can be detected by satellite altimetry.”

Outside comment

Comment on Nature Geoscience papper in EOS/AGU – Warm water is rapidly eroding Antarctica’s Ross Ice Shelf

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Comment on PNAS paper in Neewsweek – Sea levels are surging at faster and faster rates as Antarctica and Greenland melt, satellite data reveals

Our paper in the news

Media coverage of our Nature Geoscience paper about the impact of El Nino and La Nina on West Antarctic ice shelves




Outside comment

Comment on Science Advances paper in ScienceNews – Wind may be driving the melting of East Antarctica’s largest glacier

Article on the Larsen C iceberg

Article on the “giant” Larsen C iceberg: Veja Magazine – Por que é preciso falar sobre o iceberg gigante da Antártida? [Why is it necesary to talk about the gian Antarctic iceberg?]

Article about Antarctic ice melting featured on the cover of a science magazine for kids: Ciencia Hoje [Today’s Science] – Antartica: O que pode acontecer se o gelo derreter? [Antarctica: What could happen if the ice melts?]


Appearance in a TV commercial

Brief appearance in a commercial for the Scripps Institution of Oceanography

Our paper in the news

Media coverage of our The Cryosphere Larsen C paper

Massive press coverage of our paper

Media coverage of our Science paper on accelerating Antarctic ice-shelf loss


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